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Kids Space Themed Planet Lampshade or Ceiling Light Shade

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Kids Space Themed Planet Lampshade or Ceiling Light Shade


Introducing our stellar Space Explorer Lampshade! Embark on an extraordinary celestial journey with this captivating lampshade that effortlessly blends the wonders of space with the warmth of ambient lighting. Available to fit both table lamp bases and ceiling light pendants, this versatile accessory is a perfect addition to any space themed decor.

Our Space Explorer Lampshade is adorned with a mesmerizing array of celestial elements. From planets to satellites, this extraordinary shade brings the wonder of the cosmos right into your kids room. Satellites gracefully orbit around the celestial bodies, while an intrepid astronaut floats amidst the stellar tapestry, adding a touch of human exploration and adventure.
The lampshade's compatibility with table lamp bases and ceiling light pendants makes it a versatile choice for any your child’s bedroom, playroom or nursery.

Low energy bulbs are recommended for the cool temperatures they offer and energy saving benefits.

25cm Empire = 25cm wide x 21cm high
25cm Drum = 25cm wide x 21cm high

~ Available in Drum or Empire style.
~ Standard white fire resistant inner.
~ Available for use on a ceiling pendant or lamp base.
~ Fits UK & European bulb sizes. E12 E14 E17 E27.
~ Perfect for a space themed room, bedroom or nursery.
~ Matches popular Outer Space Scandi wallpaper.

25cm shades are suitable for use on table lamp bases or as a ceiling light shades in smaller rooms.